Recycled Product

Many of our Capital products are manufactured from 100% recycled material. 

Our state of the art recycling and manufacturing processes ensure that optimum performance is maintained alongside optimum sustainability.

Polythene waste is sorted and collected from various sources. Find out more about our community collection programme.

It is then transported to Capital Valley Plastics Recycling plant at Cwmavon.

The Polythene waste is then put through our machine called the ‘Erema’.
Erema heats the Polythene waste and pushes it through a laser-cut screen (a bit like a sieve) to produce recycled pellet.
The recycled pellet is taken to our manufacturing site, where we add a coloured pellet depending on requirement. This is then put through our Blown Film Extrusion machine.
The film is then rolled to the required length, packaged and delivered to the customer.
The Polythene waste we recycle is used to make film for the construction trade.
The Carbon Footprint for this Film will be locked in for 100+ years.

Technical support

The team at Radbar will be pleased to assist with any technical queries that may arise.


Here you can obtain certificates, installation guides and more relating to Radbar products.

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