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We offer a full range of RADBAR accessories to complement our gas barrier membranes and DPC’s, including:


Radbar Pre-form corners are suitable for use on sites affected by radon, methane, carbon dioxide and hydrocarbons/VOC’s. The Pre-forms are compliant to BS8485:2015.

Our Pre-forms are manufactured to suit your specific site, options include, but are not limited to: reversible corners (internal & external), stop ends, level thresholds, column cloaks and top hats.


Radbar Radon Sumps are prefabricated plastic units designed to collect radon gas prior to it being ventilated away. In most applications each dwelling would have one sump installed.


Top Hat pre-forms should be used to provide an effective seal around service pipe penetrations. They are available in a range of sizes, the most common being 110mm and 160mm in diameter. Gas-tight seals should be formed around all service entry points. The base of the pre-formed unit should be sealed to the Gas Barrier Membrane with Radbar Double Sided Jointing Tape and Radbar Single Sided Lap Tape.


Radbar tapes can be used for joining membranes and DPC’s as an alternative to welding. We supply a full range of single and double sided tapes to suit every Gas Barrier and DPC. Our range of tapes includes Single Sided Foil tape, Single sided lap tape and Double Sided jointing tape. Please contact us for advice on the correct tapes for your application.


Radbar Detailing Strip is a self-adhesive 300mm wide strip used on Gas Barrier membranes. The Detailing Strip comes on rolls 300mm wide x 10m long and is commonly used to repair damage, seal around penetrations and to seal complicated corners.


Radbar Primer is a surface preparation primer that ensures good adhesion with our jointing tapes. Most commonly used to prime pre-installed DPC before joining the membrane to it.

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Here you can obtain certificates, installation guides and more relating to Radbar products.

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